NA Geomatics Ltd., is an associated company of NA Engineering Associates Inc., with it's offices located at 107 Erie Street in Stratford, Ontario and 871 Dundas Street in Woodstock, Ontario. The company was formed in September of 2010 to broaden the services provided by the NA Group of Companies.


NA Geomatics Ltd. is pleased to offer a variety of land based solutions to serve your needs. Specializing in cadastral (legal) surveying, control surveys, construction design and construction layout, planning and a variety of consultation services, we look forward to working with you soon! 


NA Geomatics Ltd., also has Consultation Offices in London, Kincardine and Pickering (by appointment only).


NA Geomatics Inc
London Aquatic Centre

NA Geomatics Ltd., was hired by Acapulco Pool Ltd., to provide exact lane dimensions and ‘parking’ positions for the new bulk- heads in the pool, to conform to the lane sizes for the Canadian Games Aquatic Centre. NA Geomatics Ltd., assisted Acapulco pools by using a S3 robotic total station to measure the pool, lane sizes and layout the locations for the new ‘parking’ positions.

NA Geomatics Inc
Thames River Dam

NA Geomatics Ltd,, assisted NA Engineering Associates Inc. with a substantial electrical upgrade to the Upper Thames Conservation Authority dam reservoir by providing topographical data and subsurface utility surveys of the existing dam, bridge and utilities. 

NA Geomatics Inc
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

NA Geomatics Ltd., worked with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (formerly Atomic Energy Canada Ltd - AECL), to assist them with ongoing site maintenance of the client's facilities. As part of the project a surface model of the concrete roof structure was created in order to allow pre-fabrication of a new guard rail system to be installed around the reactor dome.


NA Geomatics Ltd., is pleased to announce we are expanding our services to include a range of aerial surveying capabilities. 

New UAV techonology allows us to acquire large amounts of detailed data quickly and accurately, resulting in impressive deliverables for our clients. 

Inquire about all of our UAV services to find out how we can partner with you to solve your survey needs.